About Destiny Garden School

Destiny Garden School is situated in Mtongwe, one of the poorest suburbs of Mombasa,on Kenya’s coast. The school opened in May 2009 with 160 children and 7 classes and now has 420 children and 12 classes all with qualified teachers. Many of the children are orphans and some are HIV positive. Families of the children will mostly struggle to find regular work in an area where jobs are scarce. The School would like to help all these children but the situation does increase the burden on its resources.

Jacob Boaz is the Founder and Director of Destiny Garden School and he manages all the School affairs. He also coordinates the fund raising and looks after all the volunteers.

Jacob helped established another school in a different area of Mombasa which provided him with valuable experience to get Destiny Garden School up and running. His big dream is to help the children in this very poor district of Mombasa, having himself been brought up in this area and having had the opportunity of a good education. Jacob strongly believes that education is the way out of poverty.

Lunch – Destiny Garden School provides a cooked lunch for all the children each day. It is not uncommon for families to go without food and for many of the children the lunch they receive at the School is their only proper meal of the dayThe School would also like to be able to provide a nutritious breakfast, when funds are available.

The main aims of the school are:

Providing all the children with a good standard of education

Bringing out the full potential of each and every child

Ensuring all children receive a good meal during the school day

Offering training and counseling to all, especially the orphaned children

Offering educational programmes on HIV/AIDS and also care for those already infected by HIV/AIDS

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