Payment And Placement Cost

This is relevant to typical students, gap year programs and long-term volunteers. You will work with a professional aid and development organization. You will be part of my team the moment you arrive in the airport.
You will be supported and guided every step you take by professional development workers. In an emergency, you will not be on your own. We will be there to assist you. We work very hard to keep costs down especially for you the volunteer. While volunteers are enjoying the service we provide for them we remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the program and the safety of all volunteers involved.

We charge placement fee of Usd 150 or Euros 136 or GBP 110 and this is required to secure your volunteer placement. This deposit is non refundable. Note that this does not include accommodation and food cost. Meanwhile the rest for your stay and food costs are paid on your arrival date at the volunteer’s residence reserved by the project.

Balance of the payment

** Please Note: Some organizations have special agreements with Destiny Garden Volunteers which may or may not result in different fees being paid.

The  accommodation and food fees include:

– Transport to and from the airport.
– Breakfast, lunch and evening meal at accommodation or school
– Drinking water in the volunteer premises
– Comfortable bedroom with single or double bed and secure mosquito net  (rooms may be shared depending on numbers)
– Bedroom is cleaned daily, except Sundays and deep cleaned weekly
– Sheets and towels washed weekly
– Personal Laundry washed and ironed weekly
– Unlimited access to the internet – there is internet access in the house throughout
– Use of shared facilities – sitting room, bathroom and kitchen including fridge, kettle and two nob Gas Cooker.
There is no hot water system in the house but the water for the shower is generally quite warm.

Placement Charges


Bank Details

Beneficiary BankEquity Bank Ltd
Account Number0250291481598