Sponsoring A Child

All it takes to educate a child at Destiny Garden school is 1,300 Kenyan Shillings a month  ( which is the equivalent of £10 or $20 ). To provide the children at Destiny Garden School with an education, the school  relies heavily on sponsors – their donations cover the running costs of the school, ensuring it can deliver a high standard of education and provide the children with a nutritious meal each school day.  The Sponsorship Programme is run by the  UK charity, Destiny Children, together with Jacob Boaz, the school director, and Boaz Otieno, the school  sponsorship manager who coordinates the sponsorship work from Kenya.  The UK charity cover all the administration costs to ensure that 100% of the donations, including Gift Aid, go directly to the school.

Sponsors usually donate the equivalent of £10 a month per child and they can choose to sponsor a named child, or to support the school as a whole by sending enough funds to educate one, or more, of the children. In both cases sponsors receive regular feedback on how the school is progressing with news about the children in general. Those who opt to sponsor a named child receive reports on how their child/children are doing with photos and a letter or drawing from them.

If you would like to help ‘Educate a Child’ at Destiny Garden School, please contact Destiny Children at directorsdesk@dgsvolunteers.com