Volunteer Reviews

Janette Hodgkinson worked as a volunteer at Destiny Garden School for 8 weeks in January and February 2013. She chose DGS after reading about the school on their website and being impressed with the vision and how the school had progressed in such a short time.
Volunteer – January & February 2013
Hello, my name is Regina Schack and I’m 23 years old. My first time in Kenya was in 2010. I lived with Jacob and his family and with some other volunteers. We had a lot of fun together, enjoyed ourselves and got to know a lot about Mombasa and Kenya.
Volunteer From Germany – 2012
Whilst on holiday in Kenya in June 2011, Jayne and Martin visited Destiny Garden School. They met up with Victor, the School Manager, who took them on a shopping trip to central Mombasa to buy food and text books for the school.
Jayne and Martin Jackson
Volunteers From UK
Amy and Mark booked a trip to Kenya for some winter sun in March 2011 and wanted to do something worthwhile whilst there. They came across Destiny Garden School on the internet and arranged to visit the school
Amy and Mark
Volunteers From UK
Judy Roper, Chairperson of the UK charity, Destiny Children, visited Destiny Garden School during February 2011. Her principle job whilst there was to update the Charity’s records, together with those for the sponsorship programme
Judy Roper
Volunteer From UK
Matt Mcguinness visited Destiny Garden School on 3rd November 2010. He raised funds before his trip to go towards new desks, which were made by our local carpenter. He also collected many different football shirts from friends and family.
Sarra, from the UK is our youngest volunteer to date, just 16 years old, and she volunteered for 5 weeks from 10h July to 16th August 2010. She was accompanied by her brother, please see his report below. Sarra also did some voluntary work a Medical Centre in Mombasa
Sarra Ali
Volunteers From UK
Faaris from the UK worked at both a Medical Centre and at Destiny Garden School from 10 July to 16 August 2010. He says – “My 5 weeks of volunteering at Destiny Gardens School was undoubtedly the most amazing experience of my entire life.”
Faaris Ali
Volunteer From UK
Sydney from the USA worked at Destiny Garden School for four months from March to June 2010. Sydney said ” My experience in Destiny Garden School has been unforgettable and has been one of the best experiences of my life. “
Sydney Long
Val Lear and her daughter Nadine worked at Destiny Garden School for three weeks over the Easter break, 2010. Val said – “Jacob and his family were very friendly and welcomed us into their home like old friends. We felt very safe there.
Val and Nadine
Volunteers From UK
Anne Nightingale, a volunteer from the Republic of Ireland, spent 2 months in 2012 doing voluntary work at Destiny Garden School. Anne says:
“I had a wonderful time at Destiny Garden School – a great experience and education for me. Jacob and all the staff are doing great work there, and the children are a delight.
Simon and Michelle, both keen supporters of Destiny Garden School, visited the school in August 2012 and filmed the children and staff. Simon operated the camera whilst Michelle interviewed Jacob, the School Director.
Simon and Michelle